under construction

The square house is taking shape at breamtail in northland. We are happy.

breamtail under construction

waipu cove

This beach house site is unbelievable, located in Northland at Waipu cove, it is hidden from view by a headland yet looks northward down the coast. We are lucky to design homes on many stunning sites, and its difficult to have favourites as we are not supposed to have favourite children, but this one pulls the heartstrings. We are excited.

waipu west beach house


A peek of a recently completed home in Auckland, it has a bridge and a secret room, two very exciting things to have in a house. More to come and yes stairporn.com is a real website and it is SFW.

stairporn house stairporn house

shaken not stirred

Perched above the cliffs of red beach north of Auckland, construction is underway on the luau house. This one is a little bit James Bond villain.

red beach house red beach house


We enjoy working with Tyrone from Urban Space, we have done a bunch of ponsonby villa rebuilds together. Our fifth Ponsonby project together was a new home on an unusually long skinny section. The open homes were nuts, the shoes were lined up to the gates, it felt like you were walking into a rather dull party. It raised an eyebrow or two when it recently sold for a Ponsonby record.

ponsonby house ponsonby house

5 sheds around a courtyard

We are very excited to see this project taking shape in Clevedon, a dream home by the sea, with an art studio and horse stables.

clevedon courtyard house

super models

At sji we make a model (or two) of all our new projects, our office is overflowing with them, they are a wonderful design and communication tool. Here are a few model shots of current projects that are charging ahead, we think they will be coming soon to a magazine near you...

Dart House ModelDart House Model

The dart house, a holiday home on a breathtaking rolling hills coastal site in northland.

Square House ModelSquare House Model

The square house, on another spectacular coastal site (we like designing homes on spectacular coastal sites!) This pure square courtyard home sits on top of a hill above the beach and we are very very excited about it, this ones a team effort as we are working on it with clever Jo at atelieraitken

Red House ModelRed House Model

Luau house, designed for entertaining, this new family home sits atop the cliffs at red beach on Auckland's north shore.

Palm Beach Model

Palm beach weekender. literally smack in the middle of palm beach, on Waiheke island. construction is well underway.

the art of the architect

We had some fun working with the lovely tv people on the art of the architect show, our project kicks off at about 6:30

art of the architect

zig zag house

A brand new 70's home is popping up in New Plymouth and is nearing completion, it even looks like the renders... some passers by asked if it was a church.

zig zag housezig zag house 2

the ugliest house in ponsonby?

"The ugliest house in Ponsonby, maybe even Auckland" was how Edward the client described his place over the phone. I was intrigued. Upon arrival I agreed that his description was reasonably accurate. No?

ugliest house in ponsonby

the ugliest house in ponsonby

The design process was an interesting one, the property is heritage zoned ( residential 1 ) with height to boundary restrictions unfairly dictating the necessity for a gabled form. An interesting location in the valley of norfolk street with a dozen or so lovely georgian brick row houses lining up to one side and weatherboard villas to the other... with our ugly duckling awkwardly in-between. All very confusing.

We wanted the new kid to hopefully become friends with her two neighbors.

We decided on some classic turn of the century facadism " the architecture is the bit on the front" which our georgian neighbor understands. Raw finished smooth plastered block with deep reveals and steel crittal joinery with a gabled ...elegant?...shed tucked in behind. The idea is for the facade to be covered in ivy so we are hoping she will age well.

Construction of the new house is underway so I am looking forward to seeing it take shape. I hope that its ugliest house in ponsonby title will shift to another address. j.i.

ponsonby sketch ponsonby sketch 2

now why didn't i think of that...

spa pool

before and after shots

Now these are interesting things, my favourites are the ones in the kitchen mags where the before shot almost always looks so much better than the after... Yeah we are going to take away your 1950s solid rimu doors with those the lovely stainless finger pull handles, and the cutting board that slides out from under the benchtop, all still going strong 60 years later. Well we are going to tear that out and throw it all in a skip and replace it with mdf and meltica with a laminate benchtop which will hopefully last up to 10 years. And doesn't it look brilliant!

So heres an attempt from me, a recently completed project. The before shot does appear to pay a slight homage to Robin Morrison which I'd like to think has more to do with my nostalgic car than the house itself.

ponsonby beforeponsonby after

The after shot, in Ponsonby heritage zone so we have to play along with the rules, had us reinstating the verandah and raising the house a little so we could have a bit of fun downstairs at the back. I will let you be the judge of which is better but the neighbors aren't complaining...this time. j.i.


street art